Requirements change, software changes. How can we soften the pain of change? Here’s a little example of how volatility-based-decomposition could help. Although I don’t show a top-down decomposition, this exemplifies ‘composition smells’ based on requirements.

Disclaimer: I’m still learning volatility-based decomposition. So, if there’s anyone reading this that knows better…

I’ve been using XState recently to simplify my complex React components. Using state charts is a delight to use for frontend apps. I began thinking about how a state machine’s mechanical nature remind me of switches, and how transistors are like switches, and how logic gates are built from these…

Note: I don’t have anything against React. This article is about exploring ideas of decoupling, regardless of the library or framework.

The rise of the virtual dom in the front-end world has left clumsy imperative dom manipulation in the past. …

Sebastian Wallace

Full-stack web developer with data science and machine learning on the side

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